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The primary artist for Albion Design Centre is Ewan Tallentire. He is coming up on his second decade of being a graphic designer, so he knows both print and web design, and has been using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for over 17 years. He also has years of experience working in print shops, so he understands the challenges of getting what's on-screen to look the same in print. He is comfortable with both pencils and electronic tablets, often using both to create one piece of art. Don't forget to look at his portfolio.Sketch of Messerschmitt Bf 109

As a history buff, Ewan is careful to fit type, coloring, and style to the right era. He especially enjoys drawing Old West scenes, and airplanes from the early years of aviation, exploring the courage of the pioneers and early pilots. He also enjoys British history - the odder the better - as he is a dual citizen and speaks both kinds of English fluently.

Aviation-related doodles on sketch pad

Ewan Tallentire wearing top hatEwan likes his art to be understandable, telling a story, and using just enough detail to tell that story. There is a human element in all his subjects, from a portrait of a face with life etched on it, to an airplane in which men fought in all-but-forgotten wars - the hand of man is in everything. In recognizing this element, Ewan tries to make his art respectful to its subject and comfortable to look at.

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