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List of Designs:

B-17 Flying Fortress (Boeing)
B-25 Mitchell (North American)
Defiant Mkii (Boulton Paul)
DC-3 (Douglas Commercial)
DR1 (Fokker)
DVa (Albatros)
F4U Corsair (Vought)
F-14 Tomcat (Grumman)
F-16 Fighting Falcon (Lockheed Martin)
P-26 Peashooter (Boeing)
P-38 Lightning - "Putt Putt Maru" (Lockheed)
P-51 Mustang - "Little Shrimp" (North American)
PT-17 Kaydet (Boeing-Stearman)
SR-71 Blackbird (Lockheeed)
Aircraft Clocks

Fire Trucks
41 Chevy
Federal Chemical Truck

Aircraft Mugs, T-shirts, and More

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

B-17 Flying Fortress

In the 1930s, when the B-17 was designed, Europe seemed a long way away. The Flying Fortress was so named because it was designed to defend the United States by bombing an invading fleet. What it actually did, starting in 1942, was daylight strategic bombing on German targets - more than 640,000 tons of bombs over three years. There were serious losses, but in the end, the Allies had air supremacy over the heart of Germany even in daylight. A few B-17s are still flying today; unlike most bombers, they found uses for a long time after 1945. This is the airplane dramatized in the movie Twelve O'Clock High.

B-17 Mugs

B-17 Flying Fortress Mug15-oz. The B-17 mugs have one long image that stretches around the mug.

Price: $18

North American B-25 Mitchell

B-25 Mitchell

Named for Billy Mitchell, this was one of the finest bombers of its time. It was the first airplane to carry a 75-mm cannon into battle. This is the airplane of the Doolittle Raiders, dramatized in Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Doolittle first proved that the B-25 could take off in less than 500 feet, then got 16 of them launched from the USS Hornet while still 800 miles from Japan. Taking the war to Tokyo, the raid was a major morale booster for American forces. For a poster/print showing the B-25s' launch off the Hornet, go to

B-25 T-shirts

B-25 Mitchell T-shirtAll the B-25 t-shirts have one large picture on the front of a pale olive shirt.

B-25 Mugs

B-25 Mitchell Mug15-oz. The B-25 mugs have one long image that stretches around the mug.

Price: $18

Boulton Paul Defiant Mkii

Defiant Mkii

My father started working for Boulton Paul on the assembly line, building the Mkii. I used to refer to the Defiant as "Britain's contribution to the German war effort", but as I have learned more about it, I have come to admire this airplane. It was designed after WWI's very successful Bristol F.2 Fighter, a two-seater with a swivel gun in the rear. Boulton Paul got the job to build a fighter with a turret for WWII. Unfortunately, air warfare had advanced, and the Defiant was obsolete before it was built, but they pushed forward with it anyway. It was not very successful in its intended purpose of a day fighter, but the Mkii, a dedicated night fighter with an early version of radar, proved itself a formidable fighter against German bombers flying over England at night. See also the Defiant desk clock design.

Defiant Mugs

Boulton Paul Defiant Mkii Mug15-oz. The Defiant mugs have one image that stretches around the mug.

Price: $18

Douglas Commercial DC-3

Douglas Commercial DC-3

The DC-3 was famous as both a civilian and a military transport. With the DC-3's innovations of a galley and sleeping berths, passengers could fly across the continent in one (long) day instead of days of flight by day and train by night. Charles Lindbergh insisted that it be designed to be able to fly on only one engine, and one flew that way from Hawaii to California. Another received 3000 bullet holes, but returned to flight after a canvas-and-glue repair. No DC-3 ever crashed from a structural failure. See also the DC-3 prints at

DC-3 Mugs

Douglas Commercial DC-3 Mug15-oz. The DC-3 mugs have one image that stretches around the mug.

Price: $18

Fokker Dr1

Fokker Dr1

The Dr1 is the airplane most associated with Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, known as the "Ace of Aces" for his 80 air victories. Richthofen was decorated with the Iron Cross in 1914. He spent more time in other planes, but used this one at the end of his career when he was best known. The airplane was painted red to suggest the blood of his opponents. After a wing broke off an Albatros DIII, Richthofen wrote to Anthony Fokker, who came out to watch the DIII in action, then went back and developed the Dr1. Richthofen's 60th victory was his first in this airplane.

Fokker Dr1 Mugs

Fokker Dr1 Mug15-oz. The Fokker Dr1 mugs have the aircraft with Iron Cross on both the front and back of the mug.

Price: $18

Albatros DVa

Albatros DVa

The Albatros fighters are famous for being the airplane of Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, who flew the DII and DIII versions as well as this one, the DVa. The DVa was introduced in May 1917, with several improvements for lower drag and higher performance. It was the most perfectly streamlined fighter of the pre-1920 period. However, the newer Allied fighters such as the Sopwith Camel (made famous by Snoopy) outclassed the Albatros DVa, as its lower wing tended to break in a prolonged dive.

Albatros DVa T-shirts

Albatros DVa T-shirtAll the Albatros DVa t-shirts have one large picture on the front of the shirt. The shirt color is yellowish, like an old photograph.

Albatros DVa Mugs

Albatros DVa Mug15-oz. The Albatros DVa mugs have the Albatros on both the front and back of the mug.

Price: $18

Vought F4U Corsair

F4U Corsair

The last propeller-driven fighter built in the US, the Corsair fought from Guadalcanal to Korea. It had a high top speed and could absorb a lot of combat damage. The distinctive bent wings reduced drag and gave the 13-foot propeller ground clearance. The Corsair had an 11 to 1 kill ratio against Japan in WWII, and shot down a MiG-15 jet in the Korean War. See also the F4U desk clock design, and the poster/prints at

F4U Mugs

F4U Corsair Mug15-oz. The F4U is shown on one side of the mug, coming from a sky that wraps around the mug.

Price: $18

Grumman F-14 Tomcat

F-14 Tomcat

The F-14 is shown launching off the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier. It takes so much power to build up the flight speed needed to launch from a carrier that some aircraft sink down a bit from flight deck level after they are off the ship. Not the F-14! This is a simple enough view to draw, but an actual photograph from this angle would clearly be rather difficult and dangerous.

F-14 Mugs

F-14 Tomcat Mug15-oz. The F-14 design wraps around the mug.

Price: $18

Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-16 Fighting Falcon

The first fighter deliberately built to withstand 9-g turns. This tactical fighter has been extremely flexible, developing many roles beyond the original design. Its bubble canopy and mouth-like single engine make it one of the most recognizable jet fighters. Its fly-by-wire design led to the pilots' saying, "You don't fly the F-16, it flies you."

F-16 T-shirts

F-16 Fighting Falcon T-ShirtThe F-16 t-shirts are gray, with one large picture on the front of the shirt.

F-16 Mugs

F-16 Fighting Falcon Mug15-oz. The F-16 mug design wraps around the mug.

Price: $18

Boeing P-26 Peashooter

P-26 Peashooter

An early monoplane, this fighter had an open cockpit, wire-braced wing, and fixed landing gear. Though starting to think of all-metal construction, designers weren’t quite there yet. It was produced, and mostly used, in the early 1930s, but some flew until 1955. Its maximum speed at sea level was 235 mph, and it was armed with two machine guns and 200 pounds of bombs.

P-26 Peashooter T-shirtP-26 T-shirts

The P-26 design is on the front of the bright yellow t-shirt. The back of the shirt shows splatted peas, of course!

P-26 Mugs

P-26 Peashooter Mug15-oz. The Peashooter mugs have the P-26 on one side and splatted peas on the other.

Price: $18

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

P-38 Lightning

The "Putt Putt Maru" was flown by Col Charles "Mac" MacDonald, commanding officer of the 475th Fighter Group in the Philippines. He was the third ranking ace in the Pacific Theater of Operations, with 27 kills, 2 probables, and 4 ˝ damaged. This design shows the "Putt Putt Maru" over the island of Bali.

P-38 Mugs

P-38 Lightning Mug15-oz. On the mugs, the scene wraps around, with the P-38 on one side, and the rest of the scene with "P-38 Lightning Putt Putt Maru" on the other side.

Price: $18

P-38 Magnets

P-38 Lightning MagnetThe magnets are 2 x 3 1/2 inches. Because of an error on this particular run of magnets, for now they are offered free with another purchase.

Price: $0

North American P-51 Mustang

P-51 Lightning

There are many famous pilots of the P-51; Major Foy was chosen for this design partly because there was nothing objectionable about the nose art on his plane, the "Little Shrimp", but also because he was not famous — he fulfilled the ideal of the citizen soldier who served his country well when called, then went home after the war to fly as a civilian pilot. See also the P-51 desk clock design.

P-51 Mustang T-shirtP-51 T-shirts

All the P-51 t-shirts have one large picture of the "Little Shrimp" on the front of a light tan shirt, and Major Foy's kill record on the back.

P-51 Mugs

P-51 Mustang Mug15-oz. The P-51 mugs allow a right-hander to show the "Little Shrimp" to everyone else on the far side of the mug while contemplating Major Foy's kill record on the near side.

Price: $18

Boeing-Stearman PT-17

Stearman PT-17

Called the Stearman, Boeing-Stearman, or Kaydet, this biplane was the basic WWII military trainer. Its wings were wood and fabric, but its fuselage was fabric-covered steel. It was a forgiving first ariplane for the student, learning to fly from the front cockpit. Many original Stearmans survived as cropdusters and sport planes.

PT-17 T-shirts

PT-17 Stearman T-shirtThe Stearman t-shirts have the aircraft picture on the front of a long-sleeved t-shirt with red sleeves.

PT-17 Mugs

PT-17 Stearman Mug15-oz. The Stearman is displayed on one side of the mug.

Price: $18

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

SR-71 Blackbird

This is the world's fastest aircraft at least as far as anyone officially knows. It broke the transatlantic speed record at 1 hour 45 minutes. It is also famous for wide turns; it takes several (western!) states to make a 1-g turn.

SR-71 Hats

SR-71 HatThe SR-71 design is embroidered in red on a black baseball cap.

Price: $20

Aircraft Clocks

F4U, Defiant, and P-51 desk clocks

Aircraft Clocks

These desk clocks are available in an F4U, Defiant, or P-51 design. Each is a round face mounted on a black plastic leg. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Email to order.

Fire Truck T-shirts

So they don't fly, but I do like classic cars, and there are some really classic fire trucks. If you want a caricature of your own fire truck, as a poster or frameable print, or on mugs or t-shirts for your crew, I can help you. Call me at (303) 795-5369 or email me at Prices for new designs vary based on complexity, research time, and whether you also are buying mugs, t-shirts, or other items with that design.

'41 Chevy Fire Truck

Ralph Schomp 1941 fire truck

The Ralph Schomp fire truck came from Franklin, Minnesota, and only has about 2000 miles on it. It is shown in the design in front of an old fire house. The Ralph Schomp company bought it on eBay a few years ago, looking specifically for a 1941 truck because 1941 was the year Ralph Schomp founded his dealerships. It gets driven in local parades such as Western Welcome Week and the Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

'41 Chevy T-shirts

'41 Chevy T-shirtOn the adult t-shirts, the scene is on the back of the shirt, with a small view on the front pocket. On the youth and toddler (pocketless) t-shirts, the scene is on the front. All shirts are white.

Federal Chemical Truck

City of Littleton Federal chemical truck

The truck is parked in front of Littleton's old Town Hall, which used to keep a fire truck on its main floor. The truck was called a chemical truck because the big brass tank carried water and the other tanks carried bicarbonate of soda to pressurize the water. Pressurization allowed the water to shoot a long way, which was important for the protection of several mills and other tall buildings in Littleton. The truck’s engine is started with a crank, and it has a dual-chain drive, just like a bicycle. These days, the chemical truck is usually parked in the show window at the City of Littleton building.

Federal Chemical Truck T-shirts

Federal Chemical Truck T-shirtOn the adult t-shirts, the scene is on the back of the shirt, with a small view on the front pocket. On the youth and toddler (pocketless) t-shirts, the scene is on the front. All shirts are white.