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Logo Service for Small Business, Organizations, &

Logo, business card, and corporate identity design

Logo for a Castle Rock resident

What I give you in a logo

To see a sampling of logos I've developed for various organizations and businesses, visit my online portfolio. My philosophy of logos is to design them to work first in black and white, then add colour, because there are situations (etching, for instance) where colour is not an option. A logo also has to work for any size from a business card to the side of an airplane. I provide, upon completion of the project, the files in all the versions and formats that you need, as well as the fonts used. This is my standard practice, based on my own frustration with making even minor changes to the project of someone who did not bother to hand over the files.

Logo for a policy group

What is a logo?

A good logo positively represents your company, your concept, your aircraft, or just you, and gives people an idea what to expect. A logo is a special piece of art. It may be the first impression customers have of your business. It identifies and decorates your business and defines you in the marketplace. A logo costs more than other graphics, partly because it requires much more design, and partly because it is much more versatile. When you buy a logo you are buying rights to use it in a lot more ways than you would ever use another graphic. A good logo may seem ridiculously simple, but the simpler it is, the more recognizable and useful (consider the New Mexico state flag compared to the detailed pictures on many state flags). Uniquely simple is harder to make than uniquely complicated!

Student ministries logo

Visual identity for your company

Closely related to logos and websites is business card and corporate (or museum) identity design. At their best, all these things work together to give clients one clear, positive message about you that attracts them to learn more about the details. A lot of times, businesses or museums already have most of the elements needed for a corporate identity; they just need the elements tied together and formalized for business cards, letterheads, website banners, etc. Just tell me what you already know about yourself, and I'll help you say it more clearly to your clients.

Logo for DOI conference

Corporate image - make it visible!

If you need better visual advertisement, give me a call at (303) 795-5369, or an email at and let's see what I can put together for you.

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