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Print Graphics and Logos

As Ewan has almost two decades' experience in print shops, his maps, cards, typography, brochures, flyers, posters, signs, t-shirt designs, and other printed material show an understanding of print techniques and media. Ewan has also developed logos, logotypes, and designs for various business, government, and church groups.

Detail from map for Yukon Quest dog sled race
Vintage-style map showing directions to vintage aviation museum
Art print of Doolittle Raiders taking off from USS Hornet
Promotional postcard designed for art gallery
Ballet competition certificate designed using dancer logo
Magazine layout
Product list layout
Book layout design for 'Rocky Mountain Medicine'
Flyer for driver's-ed business
Stationery designed for floral business in West Sussex, England
Promotional tailgate magnet design
Redesign for poorly designed promotional postcard
Sticker for merchandise packaging
Logo for a ski apparel company
Logo for a bee company
Logo for construction networking group
Logo for Castle Rock Arts Council member
Two logos created to show the customer possible directions to go
Logo adapted from a Colorado State Forest Service logo
Logo for optometrist
Logo for a business modeled on Bent's Old Fort on the Santa Fe Trail
Lotus blossom design
Logo for youth group
Logo/sign for antique shop

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