Blueprinting services offered


Below is the general list of Albion reprographics services, though if you don't see what you need, call and ask. We do a lot of odd jobs that would just be confusing to list here. Originals can be all sorts of things, such as bond, Mylar, vellum, blueline, or even blueprint. Almost all copies these days are to bond paper since it's cheapest and simplest, but if for instance you really, really need vellum, call us at (303) 795-5369. We don't print to blueline anymore because bond has replaced it as the least expensive option. If you need copies on colored paper, there are several options; call ahead to make sure we have the color you need on hand. Copies can be rolled, stapled, or bound.

Color, black-and-white, large-format copies


See Ewan Tallentire's graphics website for the full list of graphic design, web design, logo, aircraft illustration, and portrait services offered.

Other Services

We can do layout design for posters, charts, forms, etc. We can scan old plans or documents into electronic records, and organize them while we do it. We also clean up color issues and reduce noise on documents. Contact us for any other unusual reprographics problems you may have; we've probably done it before.

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