Albion Repro and Graphics is no longer doing large-format printing; see our graphics business at Albion Design Centre.

We recommend Hope Reprographics for your large-format printing needs. And we are keeping this page up here for now for those who want to learn more about blueprinting.

There isn't one term for what we do, but if you're reading this, it's probably because you need copies of something big. Maybe you need them fast, too. Most likely you'd appreciate talking to a real person, not just an Internet form, about the details of the job. You might want someone with over 15 years' experience in the industry to check the order, making sure it passes the common-sense test. For sure you don't want to be charged for a miscommunication. You want to know the real cost; you do NOT want surprise shipping, rush, or your-CD-touched-my-computer charges.

At Albion, we only charge for the results we deliver, and only when you are happy with them. With pick-up and drop-off on Main Street in Littleton, we're right at hand for south metro Denver businesses, so no need for shipping. The industry standard for a quick job is overnight, but we understand that's often not fast enough. We can do most jobs in the same day; sometimes in the same hour!

Many shops in this industry have closed or sold out to chains or Internet businesses, but this shop has been in business over 25 years and we intend to do our best to keep serving our customers, because we like them.

Old-fashioned picture of Ewan Tallentire and his shop

Call (303) 795-5369 or email Albion today to talk to a real person, with industry expertise, about your unique printing needs.

Blueprinting services available

Albion can scan, copy, or print construction plans or any other large-format documents with names like engineering drawings, architectural plans, landscaping plans, house plans, home plans, floor plans, building plans, etc. One popular name for them is blueprints, though most of them have been black-and-white for years now.

Albion can also scan or print out in color. We can print from prints, print to file, or print from files. We also do graphic design and illustration, including logos, websites, and business cards. Some of our regular customers come in just for layout and design. We also get some interesting jobs involving fragile or ancient originals, such as scanning 1931 architectural plans, scanning boxes full of family photos, and copying the illustrations a customer's mother did for a children's book she never published.

For specific details of our services, call (303) 795-5369 or see the page listing our services.

Small-shop savings on your large format copies

We believe the main reason to choose Albion is the quick, expert, personal service, but you may also save money:

About Ewan Tallentire

Albion's owner, Ewan Tallentire believes in old-fashioned service, and 1800s clothes. He's been scanning, copying, and printing construction plans since the machines were big, smelly, and really made blue prints. He understands architects who still draw in pencil. He knows how to use the up-to-date gadgets, but if there's a simpler solution, he'll let you know. Ewan's been working in the shop since the early '90s, and bought the business in 2008 because he liked serving the customers. Since according to Colossians 3:23, the real customer is the Lord Jesus Christ, please let him know if the service is not what it should be.

Watch Ewan Tallentire roll large-format paper, and make it look easy

Architecture Plan Copying: A History of Reprographics, or, Why Blueprints Aren't Blue Now

In April 2011, Ewan was interviewed for an article on HubPages. There was so much information it turned into multiple articles, and it was even nominated for a HubPages award. So here are the links to the history of reprographics over the past hundred years or so. Being in the industry, you may find information there which you know to be incomplete or inaccurate. If so, please email Ewan or comment on the article.
Part One Trends and overall timeline of reprographics, and media used by architects as originals
Part Two Blueprints, bluelines, and bond
Part Three Giant cameras, plotters, and printers

In-House Blue Print: Comparing Xerox, KIP, and Oce Printers

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