Albion Repro & Graphics Privacy Policy

We tried an on-line privacy policy generator, and when it was done, we found that even we didnít understand it. So hereís what we do, in plain English.

If you pay for or buy stuff directly from this website, we ask for your address and contact information so we can send you what you ordered, or contact you if there is a problem. We will probably keep your address and contact information to let you know about any changes we think youíd be interested in. We might also use it to wish you a merry Christmas.

We ask for your credit card number through a secure site so we can charge it for what youíve ordered. The credit card number is not kept on our computer, but on the shopping cart site, where we access it to charge it, and then we delete it. If we take too long getting around to this, it gets deleted automatically anyway, and then we couldnít charge the credit card. So weíre motivated to take care of this quickly.

Some things about this website use cookies (like the thing that remembers your address from one order to the next) but we donít collect information from them. For one reason, the cookies are information your own computer keeps, not ours.

Google says, "Google uses the DoubleClick DART cookie on publisher websites displaying AdSense for content ads. Subject to any applicable laws, rules and regulations, you [i.e. we, here on this site] will have the sole and exclusive right to use all data derived from your [our] use of the DoubleClick DART cookie for any purpose related to your [our] business, provided that Google may use and disclose this data subject to the terms of Googleís advertising privacy policies and any applicable laws, rules and regulations." Someday if we figure out what a DoubleClick DART cookie is, we might use it, but for now, we canít imagine what for.

We donít knowingly collect personal information from children. This is not a site directed at children. If we found out we had some personal information of a child, we would try to find out if the parents knew what their child was doing. We wouldn't have any other purpose for keeping the information.

We have signed up to do some affiliate marketing with Commission Junction, Lijit, and Google AdSense. Ads put on our site through these companies might collect personal information; you would have to look at those privacy policies to see what they do.

We arenít selling or giving away your personal information, because we would not want someone to do that to us, and we fear God, Who sees what we do in private.

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