Vintage Boxed Tees

Packaging History

I design t-shirts in vintage styles and designs that promote interest in history. The wearer buys the t-shirt as a souvenir of history encountered. Passers-by see the t-shirts which pique their interest in history. Perhaps they stop and ask the wearer about it, and the wearer gets the chance to advertise the place the t-shirt was sold. But a shirt can only tell so much of the story.

I am now developing Vintage Boxed Tees. Much more of the story can be told on the box, and the box stores well, stacks well, saves the space of a display rack, and is already packaged for gift-giving.

Contact me at (303) 795-5369 or for more on pricing and availability of Vintage Boxed Tees. Meanwhile, take a look at my existing t-shirt designs for ideas.

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