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Teaching history through art

I am spending most of my time now on t-shirt designs for museum gift shops, high-quality designs that customers want to buy. Two of my designs sold literally out of the box; another a customer tried to buy off my back! In my portfolio you can see a sample of my t-shirt designs, but for the full list and list of my clients, go to my t-shirt design page.

Illustration and other specialties

Old photo retouched to put a Meteor airplane in the sceneHistorical art, art promoting history, aviation art, illustration, typography, logo design, layout, pre-print setup, photography. Graphic designer for almost 20 years; over 17 years' experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Shown here is an old photo of a street in West Sussex, England, retouched to put a Meteor in the scene complete with reflection in a puddle.

T-shirt Designs for Sale

I have designed many t-shirts that are available at Great War Stories Gift Shop, and prints based on t-shirt designs are available at History on a Shirt. Other designs can be purchased on a t-shirt and other products at Fine Art America. For bulk orders, however, you can get a much better price by contacting the artist directly at (303) 795-5369.

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Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave: Buffalo Bill makes the Pony Express famous Vintage Aero Flying Museum: James Norman Hall and his Spad XIII First Air Victory design compares 1914 aircraft with 1918 aircraft in honor of the WWI centenary Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum: AH-1 Cobra Galloping Goose engine concept design for Colorado Railroad Museum AH-64 Apache Longbow concept design for US Army Aviation Museum National WWI Museum: 1917 Harley-Davidson motorcycle National WWI Museum: FT-17 Renault tank Glenn H. Curtiss Museum: 1907 Curtiss motorcycle that set land speed record of 136 mph Glenn H. Curtiss Museum: The famous Curtiss JN-4D Jenny barnstorming aircraft Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum: F4U Corsair P-40 concept design for the National Museum of the US Air Force TBM Avenger concept design for USS Hornet Museum SR-71 concept design Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum: B-52 Stratofortress Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum: B1A Lancer Vintage Aero Flying Museum: Fokker D7 Du Doch Nicht Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum: Celebrating history of Lowry AFB Vintage Aero Flying Museum: Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen Short Solent - last example of luxury air travel before the Jet Age Flying Tigers design for child's shirt V2 rocket concept design Perspective rendering of house with irregular polygon turret Detail of house with irregular polygon turret Preliminary sketch adapting photo into generic picture of mall Layer rendering of mall used for promotional video Book illustration of Otowi Bridge over the Rio Grande Illustration for sandal company - footwear is known to be a difficult illustration subject Line art sketch from photo shows preliminary step in rendering B-2 technical drawing showing use of shading for natural definition Technical drawing for book illustration Detail from house design construction drawings Rendering of house design to show customer what final product will look like Nativity drawing for children's puzzle Graphite drawing of Mesa Verde Birth announcement illustration for girl Graphite and colored pencil - cowboy goes to town for Saturday night bath Watercolor of cowboy Nat Love Caricature portrait of truck Quick (less than an hour) portrait of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Detailed portrait of WW2 RAF pilot Use of design skills to create seamless collage from many pictures Detail and framed picture of Indians on the Prairie watercolor Illustration of antique fire engine Watercolor of Petra Commissioned portrait of the P-38 'Putt Putt Maru' Aviation-themed placemats for two boys and a girl Children's coloring page activity for WWI museum Event poster for WW1 museum Watercolor of Petra Old photo retouched to add Meteor on the street Brochure for charter jet business T-shirt design for WW1 museum Line drawing of a B-25B Mitchell Sketch of a flight of P-51 Mustangs Airplane, helicopter, car, and train designs in a single style Illustration in black and white of the shiny metal B-29 Superfortress Logo for a bee company Logo for construction networking group Logo for Castle Rock Arts Council member Two logos created to show the customer possible directions to go Logo adapted from a Colorado State Forest Service logo Logo for optometrist Logo for a business modeled on Bent's Old Fort on the Santa Fe Trail Lotus blossom design Logo for youth group Logo/sign for antique shop Detail from map for Yukon Quest dog sled race Vintage-style map showing directions to vintage aviation museum Promotional postcard designed for art gallery Ballet competition certificate designed using dancer logo Magazine layout Product list layout Book layout design for 'Rocky Mountain Medicine' Flyer for driver's-ed business Stationery designed for floral business in West Sussex, England Promotional tailgate magnet design Redesign for poorly designed promotional postcard Sticker for merchandise packaging Banner for blog about early aviation Banner ad for Christian book site Vertical web banner ad for promotional campaign Facebook graphic to get people to click through to on-line bookstore Facebook graphic to get people to click through to on-line bookstore Facebook graphic to get people to click through to on-line bookstore Facebook graphic to get people to click through to on-line bookstore Facebook graphic to get people to click through to on-line bookstore Facebook graphic to get people to click through to on-line bookstore Facebook graphic to get people to click through to on-line bookstore Covers designed for Internet version of various classics
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