Vintage T-shirt Design

T-shirt designed for museum gift shopAlbion Design Centre's current specialty is t-shirt design. We work with museum gift shops and other organizations to come up with artistic designs for t-shirts that look good, often teach some history, and can function as a walking advertisement for the museum or organization. The gift shop doesn't have to buy the design, just the t-shirts. These designs have been selling very well, so we are happy to offer our design services for free because we have seen that the designs sell the t-shirts, which then get re-ordered, which brings in money for both the gift shop and Albion Design Centre.

Other Specialties

Detailed drawing of Messerschmitt BF-109f for World War II museum

From fine art to historical illustration for museum gift shops to aviation art, book covers and illustrations, logos, websites, and all kinds of other things, Albion Design Centre can help you. We understand print design, in fact we can print or arrange for printing all kinds of things from house plans to posters to t-shirts to business cards. We will listen to you, find out what you need, and help you sort through all the options.

IllustrationTechnical rendering of mall scene

Visit artist Ewan Tallentire's portfolio to see the different styles of illustration we've handled - from museum promotions to a technical illustration of a sandal, to a children's nativity puzzle, to a historical scene of the Doolittle Raiders' famous World War II flight to Tokyo.


Typography exampleThe portfolio also shows examples of typography. If the right font doesn't exist, we'll develop a font just for your needs, as we did for a World War I museum's replica of ace pilot Ernst Udet's famous "Du Doch Nicht!!" on the tail of his airplane.

LogosPowder Gem logomark

See the portfolio for examples of logos we've developed for business, church, and government conferences, groups, and events. We have helped customers with no ideas, customers with clear ideas, and customers with existing logos that just needed tweaking.


Besides all the above, we've designed maps, certificates, book covers, ad campaigns, website design, banners, buttons, graphics, and technical drawings. Tell us about your needs, and we'll get to work!

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